The History of Keighley Laboratories- Metallurgical Laboratory

Keighley Laboratories Ltd – Specialists in the Analysis, Testing and Heat Treatment of Metals.

Keighley Laboratories is a metallurgical services laboratory, and a specialist in the heat treatment of metals. It has extensive experience gained from working with companies within industries such as Passenger Transportation, Marine, Aerospace, Defence, Rail, Oil and Gas. etc.

It is respected for its ability to successfully carry out contracts of any size, duration or location within its scope, with the professionalism one would expect from a company established for more than 90 years.

The History of Keighley Laboratories Ltd

Keighley Laboratories established in 1920, has been involved in and associated with engineering since its inception.

When the company was established, its aim was to provide a testing facility to local engineering firms and foundries, which was as efficient as the in-house facilities of larger companies and at a competitively favourable rate with other sub-contractors.

The different types of work carried out in those early days included Chemical Analysis, Physical Testing, Photomicrography and Foundry Consultation. All of these services are still undertaken today, although over the years, market and industry changes have meant that facilities have changed vastly and the variety of services offered has now grown considerably. The Heat Treatment department began in 1926 and has today developed into a large and modern sub-contract production facility.

Advanced Metallurgical Solutions

Our customers rely on the delivery of technical excellence in the areas of sub-contract production heat treatments and of metallurgical laboratory services, enabled by a continuous investment in facilities and people.

Meeting Your Challenge

The ability to recognise customers needs means practical advice, expert guidance and innovative solutions to problems can be provided. A wealth of practical experience in technical solutions ensures that challenges such as design, development, manufacturing, processing and testing are welcomed and can be met successfully.

Working in Partnership

The best results are achieved when customers needs are met or exceeded. Close co-operative working ensures that the best results are delivered. This philosophy has led to the establishment of successful partnerships across a wide range of sectors including aerospace, transmission engineering, nuclear power, automotive, hydraulics, transportation, mining, marine, petrochemicals and leisure.

Keighley Laboratories- Your metallurgical partner



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