Gaseous Nitrocarburising

A range of Nitrocarburising processes to meet customer requirements using state of the art programmable furnace and process controls.

Programmes available include ferritic, austenitic and extended austenitic nitrocarburising

Control of processing parameters ensures that a range of properties that include wear resistance, en-hanced corrosion resistance, minimum distortion and aesthetic appeal can be achieved

Ferritic Nitrocarburising is suitable for the processing of mild steel, medium carbon steel, Nitrocarburisingnodular iron, cast iron and all nitrideable steels. The process is applicable to crankshafts, gears, moulds, dies etc

Austenitic and extended austenitic Nitrocarburising are suitable for mild steel and low alloy case hardening steels. The process is particularly suitable as an alternative for the processing of thin section components that distort under classical case hardening

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