Induction Hardening

What is Induction Hardening?

Induction hardening is the rapid heating and quenching of components using high frequency electric fields.

Automated induction hardening is achieved with programmable, computer controlled machines which ensure reliable and constant hardness levels, and therefore a quality product.

What are the Benefits?

This localised treatment offers low distortion and economic processing.

In-house Inductor Manufacture

Hundreds of inductors are available, we can also design and manufacture inductors and coils to fit your requirements.

Typical Components and Treatments Include:

Shaft/Pin hardening where components are spun for an even pattern.

Gear Hardening, spin hardening and contour hardening (tooth by tooth), for Straight, Bevel, Helical and Spur gears.

Internal Bore hardening dependent on size.

Typical carbon and alloy steels processed include; 080M40, 070M55, 526M60, 708M40, 817M40 and 534A99

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