Precipitation Hardening

Precipitation hardening is also known as age hardening and carried out after solution heat treatment.

Precipitation hardening process

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This process is carried out on special precipitation hardening alloys where low distortion during heat treatment is required.The components are often finish machined in the soft (solution treated) state and then heated at a specific (relatively low) temperature for a fixed time to produce the required hardness and mechanical properties.

Benefits of Precipitation Hardening

low distortion during heat treatment

Typical materials that can be treated:-

  • Nimonic & Incoloy series of super alloys
  • Aluminium Alloy – particularly alloy classes 2xxx,6xxx & 7xxx
  • Titanium Alloys – Ti6Al4V being one of the commonest grades
  • Stainless Steels –
    1. Martensitic , the most well known being 17-4PH
    2. Semi-austenitic alloys i.e. 17-7PH
    3. Austenitic alloys i.e.A-286

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