Positive Material Identification

Positive Material Identification / Alloy Verification (PMI/AV)

Using the latest equipment, rapid metal alloy verification of most ferrous and non-ferrousPositive material identification materials is carried out.

The equipment, XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and Spark Emission Techniques that rapidly sorts or identifies metallic materials is portable and hand-held and can be undertaken in-house or on-site. The XRF equipment uses the latest miniature X-ray tube technology ensuring safe on-site usage and is used by fully trained and competent technicians.

PMI/AV is undertaken on a variety of components, some examples of Keighley Laboratories work includes, sorting of mixed materials, material identification on valve components, fasteners, fabrications, pipework – Petrochemical, castings, forgings, etc.

Please contact the following people for more information:
testing@keighleylabs.co.uk – Technical Services
chemlab@keighleylabs.co.uk – Chemical Laboratory
ndt@keighleylabs.co.uk – Non Destructive Testing

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