Problem & Failure Investigation

Reverse Engineering and Investigation WorkProblem and failure investigation

Experienced Metallurgists are available for specialised consultancy work. Typical areas include, but are not restricted to:-

  • Fracture/ Failure investigations
  • Reverse engineering examinations
  • Foundry consultancy
  • Insurance claim examinations
  • Forensic type investigations
  • On-site examination as necessary

Investigations into wear, corrosion, machinability, coating, fabrication and heat treatment problems are all undertaken.

Advice on materials, heat treatments, surface treatments, methods of test or inspection and laboratory set-ups can be given. This can include the interpretation of non-UK drawings/specifications, where necessary.

Keighley Laboratories’ metallurgists, chemists, engineers and technicians, have considerable experience covering a very wide range of materials, treatments and product types within many different industries.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness work including personal injury, accident work and single joint expert is regularly undertaken by Keighley Laboratories’ staff. Both the company and individual metallurgists have specific experience in preparing reports suitable for Litigation/Arbitration and are registered in the Law Society Directory of Expert Witnesses.

For more information on any of the services we offer contact the following people: – Technical Services – Chemical Laboratory – Non Destructive Testing

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