Heat Treatment Services

Listed below are many of the heat treatment services available at Keighley Laboratories Limited. The facilities enable us to treat components varying in size, weight and material from the smallest of components such as fasteners and rivets to the largest, such as individual gears weighing up to 3 tonnes.

Carburise/ Case Hardening
Induction Hardening
Hardening and Tempering
Precipitation Hardening
Stress Relieving
ADI-Austempered Ductile Iron
Tufftride® (Ferritic-Nitrocarburising)
Gaseous Nitriding
Gaseous Nitrocarburising
Furnace Capacites

We can fulfil your requirements from specific one-offs to large production scale batch treatments. If you have a new product or are instigating a material change we can run trials and offer advice on material and heat treatment selections which will best suit your required application.

Heat Treatment Management team of engineers and metallurgists have many years of experience in heat treatment and work closely with supervisors and production staff to ensure that your requirements and expectations are met.

Heat Treatment Accreditations

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See our Accreditations page to see scope of accreditations

Please contact the following people for more information:
David Wright- Production Director Click here to send an email
James Menzies- Production Click here to send an email
Leonard Powell- Technical Planner Click here to send an email

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