Salt Spray Testing

and Cabinet Based Corrosion Testing


Sometimes known as salt mist, salt fog, humidity, corrosion testing, or more commonly, Salt Spray Testing is a technical service offered at Keighley Laboratories. We offer a wide range of continuous Salt Spray tests to different specifications to suit your specific needs.


All of our Salt Spray and Cabinet Based Corrosion Testing can be tailored to customers’ specific needs and requirements. The wide range of services offered has typical Salt Spray exposure times that can range from 16 hours to over 1000 hours.

In addition to  this, accelerated corrosion testing can be completed, which can be used to check protective coatings, surface finishes and material compatibilities. The facilities provide a continuous controlled corrosive exposure and can combine salt spray with humidity environments.

Benefits of salt spray testing

Our processes allow customers to see the effects that natural environments have in an accelerated process, meaning real-life conditions can be simulated in a relatively short period of time, providing semi-quantitative life assessments of products. Our services support correct product material and coating choices. 

The testing has the ability to compare the quality of different supplier coatings, in addition to being able to compare different coating types.

Technical specifications

There are different types of continuous Salt Spray tests that we can facilitate at Keighley Laboratories. These include Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) Acetic Acid Accelerated Salt Spray (AASS), and Copper Acetic Acid Accelerated Salt Spray (CASS).

The typical specifications of the testing include AST B117 (NSS), ASTM B368 (CASS), and ISO 9227 (NSS, AASS and CASS).

Additionally, there are Fog/Dry Cyclic Salt Spray Tests. These ‘Prohesion’ types are typically tested to ASTM G85:Annex A5.

The 100% Humidity testing has typical durations of 16 hours upwards and have either constant temperature (typically ASTM D2247) or cyclic temperature (typically BS 3900:Pt F2)

Our ancillary services include paint/coating tests. These test for solvent and chemical resistance, water soak, paint and colour thickness and adhesion.

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Sometimes referred to salt mist, salt fog, humidity or corrosion testing. All corrosion and environmental related tests can be tailored to customer requirements