Keighley Laboratories has over 100 years of experience in providing material testing, product qualifications and trusted accurate analysis of products for a wide range of different industry sectors.


Find out more about the independently accredited services and solutions that we can provide to help inform manufacturing product decisions and capabilities.


Our technicians have years of experience supporting the Aerospace sector with dedicated support through testing.


Trusted by leading Defence organisations, Keighley Laboratories provides industry-accredited service.

General Engineering

Providing support for over 100 years, Keighley Laboratories continue to deliver accurate analysis for the modern engineer.


Fast turnaround times and quality service have solidified our reputation as a trusted Automotive industry provider.


Reliable and trusted services for energy companies, their supply chain partners and new technologies.


Our wide range of testing and analysis ensure safety and reliability of products in the Manufacturing industry.


Our experienced team of trained experts provide quality assurance and analysis to the Nuclear industry.

Civil Engineering

Providing testing and analysis services to support civil and construction engineers.


Extensive and modern testing favilities for Foundry partners, providing chemical, mechanical and corrosion testing and analysis.


Industry regulated testing services serving the Marine and Maritime industry.

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