Thread Rolling Checks / Verification

Forming metal to produce a thread, this high-pressure process physically changes the properties of the rolled metal part, making the base part and the threads harder and stronger.

Our Thread Rolling Checks and Verifications have been trusted and used by organisations in the Aerospace, Nuclear and Automotive industries.


Thread rolling processes produce an external thread on a generally ductile material, such as titanium, steel, aluminium or copper by forming the thread between rolls under high pressure. 

The thread produced is generally stronger than the original base material, is uniform and produced to very tight tolerances. The threads are normally rolled cold, but can in certain circumstances be carried out at elevated temperatures.

Using our wide range of metallurgical services, we can provide testing to ensure optimisation of your process.  

The process is used for sectors including Aerospace, Nuclear and Automotive industries.

Our testing can include the following:

Visual examinations, metallographic examinations, hardness testing, shear testing, tensile testing, fatigue testing and alpha case detection.

All of these testing processes are carried out on a single site.

Benefits of Thread Rolling Checks / Verification

Our thread rolling checks and verification, allow your process to enhance the cold-formed properties of the resulting thread including a smooth and precise finish. 

Visual and dimensional checks alone can not fully verify the quality of rolled threads. Our metallurgical checks will verify the material integrity in the threaded areas identifying undesirable defects such as laps, seams, crest craters and uneven thread profiles and ensuring good material flow has been achieved.

No metal is lost during the process, reducing wastage.


Technical specifications

Our services can be carried out to most international standards. This includes specialised aerospace and defence related specifications. The main accreditations include UKAS and Napcap MTL testing and certification, and in addition to this, there are specific aerospace approvals. 

We can provide full production or just performance testing for tailored and specific needs.  

Our typical specifications include Airbus ABP 2-2333, British Aerospace R25-0498, BS EN ISO 898, BS A299, ISO 5857, Airbus AIPS 03-03-015, Rolls Royce RRES 90043, BS A 332:1999 and ISO 9152:1998.


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Thread rolling is a method for producing an external thread on a generally ductile material such as titanium, steel, aluminium or copper by forming the thread between rolls under high pressure.