COVID-19 UPDATE AS OF 05/06/20:  As a key supplier into various industries, including medical, we have continued to operate the laboratory, testing and heat treatment throughout the crisis.  We thank all our customers for their continuing support, as we continue to support our customers and their industries.  Debbie Mellor – Managing Director

Working for today’s internationally demanding industries, our customers rely on us to deliver technical excellence in the areas of sub-contract production heat treatment and metallurgical laboratory services. We have extensive facilities and people who understand and care about metallurgy and over the years have created a comprehensive facility accomplished at supporting you and your customers.


Please see full scope of accreditations.

A range of Heat Treatment services are available at Keighley Laboratories Limited.

We can fulfil your requirements from specific one-offs to large production scale batch treatments. If you have a new product or are instigating a material change we can run trials and offer advice on material and heat treatment selections which will best suit your required application.

Our Heat Treatment management team of engineers and metallurgists have many years of experience in heat treatment and work closely with supervisors and production staff to ensure that your requirements and expectations are met.


Please see full scope of accreditations.

Our experience allows us to offer a wide range of Metallurgical & Technical Laboratory Services.

Whatever your requirements, we will endeavour to help by answering your questions, advising on the best tests and offer a professional service upon which you can rely.

Metallurgists, Chemists and Engineers with years of experience coupled with accreditation and approval from highly recognised organisations mean that we can supply the specialist expertise you require from a reliable sub-contractor.

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Chemical Analysis and Corrosion Testing

Mechanical Testing

Metallographic Examination Optical

Metallurgical Failure Analysis Investigation
and Consultancy

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Positive Material Identification
Alloy Verification (PMI/AV)

Salt Spray Testing/Cabinet Based
Corrosion Testing

Weld Testing

Ancillary NDT Processes

Thread Rolling Checks/Verification



Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)

Gas Carburising Case Hardening Carbonitriding

Gaseous Nitriding

Hardening and Tempering

Induction Hardening

Martempering and Marquenching


Precipitation or Age Hardening

Stress Relieving

Tufftride® (Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburising)

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