Heat treatment capacities

1)  Tufftride:-
Maximum dimension 610mm (24”) diameter x 915mm (36”)long
Maximum weight 200kg
All parts will AB1 quenched (black finish) for environmental reasons,
but can be polished back to grey if necessary at an additional cost.
Polishing with glass beads or manual mechanical

2) Harden and Temper:-
with either oil quench, fan or air cool
Maximum length 1728mm (68”)
Components up to 1120mm diameter
Maximum weight 2 tonne

3) Carburising:-
Typical case depth 0.15mm (0.006”) to 4mm (0.15”)
Carburise & Anneal, carburise, harden and temper
1110mm diameter maximum length 1758mm (68”),
maximum weight 2 tonne
Carburise, harden, marquench & temper
Carburise harden, temper (max diameter 558mm, 22”) & press quench.
Carbonitride (max length 1220mm, 48”)
Stopping off is an option. Sub zero is an option.
Components up to 1120mm (43.7”) diameter
Maximum length 1728(68”), maximum weight 2 tonne

4) Normalise & Anneal:-
Components up to 1120mm diameter maximum length 1720mm (68”)
Maximum weight 2 tonne

5) Stress relieving:-
precipitation/ age hardening
Low temperature/sub critical annealing:
Components up to 1120mm diameter maximum length 1728mm(68”)
Maximum weight 2 tonne

6) ADI:-
Maximum diameter 715mm (28”) x 1320 (52”) deep
Maximum charge 400kg, maximum temperature 400c

7) Shotblast:-
Table diameter 1500(59”) max height 650mm (25.6”)
Maximum weight is 2500kg

Induction hardening

1) Contour (tooth by tooth) Induction hardening:-
From 4 mod to 30 mod
Maximum diameter 3 meter (118”)
Maximum weight 3 tonne

2) Spin induction hardening (gears):- 
Straight spur, bevel, and helical gears up to 4 mod
Maximum diameter 300mm (11.8”)
Maximum weight 40kg

3) Zone hardening:- 
Pins and shafts from 10mm (0.4”) to 300mm (11.8”) diameter
Giving depths of 0.5mm (0.020”) up to 8mm (0.32”)
Maximum shaft diameter 150mm can process 1525mm (60”) length
Maximum shaft diameter 00mm can process 600mm (23.6”) length
Maximum weight 160kg

4) Local hardening, bore hardening
By request and drawing

5) Rack hardening:-
Contour (tooth by tooth)
Straight spur racks for 3 mod to 30 mod
Maximum length 2.5 meter (98”)

Scanning of racks
Straight spur racks up to 4 mod
Maximum length 1 meter (39”)

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