Metallurgical & Technical Laboratory Services

Our experience allows us to offer a wide range of Metallurgical & Technical Laboratory Services.

The Metallurgical & Technical Laboratory Services We Offer:-

Chemical Analysis
Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
Additional NDT Processes
Corrosion and Related Tests
Mechanical Testing & Metallography
Positive Material Identification/ Alloy verification
Weld Testing
Problem and Failure Investigation

The services listed above highlight the key areas of the testing facilities at Keighley Laboratories Limited. However the variety of work undertaken is not just limited to these facilities. Other jobs have included product/material testing and data logging, management of product developments, providing metals and standards information and offering consultancy on a regular basis.

Whatever your requirements, we will endeavour to help by answering your questions, advising on the best tests and offer a professional service upon which you can rely.

Metallurgists, Chemists and Engineers with years of experience coupled with accreditation and approval from highly recognised organisations mean that we can supply the specialist expertise you require from a reliable sub-contractor.

Technical Services Accreditations

See our Accreditations page to see scope of accreditations




Please contact the following people for more information – Technical Services – Chemical Laboratory – Non Destructive Testing

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Crack detection laboratory service
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