Assured confidence from a company established in 1920.

Working for today’s internationally demanding industries, our customers rely on us to deliver technical excellence in the areas of sub-contract production heat treatment and metallurgical laboratory services. First established in 1920, extensive facilities and people who understand and care about metallurgy, have over the years created a working environment accomplished at supporting you and your customers.
We have 2 core business streams:-

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Heat Treatment Services

Carburizing/Case harden
Induction hardening
Hardening and tempering
Precipitation hardening


Stress relieving


Austempering – ADI

Tufftride® – ferritic nitrocarburizing

Heat treatment capacities

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Technical Services

Chemical Analysis
Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
Additional NDT Processes
Corrosion and Related Testing
Mechanical Testing & Metallography
Positive Material Identification
Weld Testing
Problem & Failure Investigation