Welding is used to form a joint of two similar or dis-similar metals to create a solution where forming in one piece isn’t possible. Welding is used in aerospace production and repair of various systems and products such as protection systems, aircraft joints etc. with materials from Stainless Steel and Aluminium to Titanium and Magnesium.

Specifications mandate the initial and re-qualification (coding) of the welder, the review of any design changes, the tests to verify the procedure and integrity of the component.

The qualifying weld must be witnessed by an approved welding engineer, a qualified welding supervisor or a third party inspection body. The verification tests check the internal metallurgical health, heat affected zone (HAZ) and immediate vicinities, taking into consideration the type, class, joint configuration and criticality of the joint and the welder.

Matthew Mellor, Technical Services Director at Keighley Laboratories Limited explained,

The integrity of the weld can be assessed using a combination of tests, depending on material type, thickness, welding process and assessment criteria:

Visual examination, non-destructive testing (dye penetrant and x-ray), tensile testing, hardness testing, bend testing and metallographic examination to identify deleterious indications/phases and defects such as lack of fusion, porosity, alpha case, alloy depletion etc.

These tests and specifications, including BSEN ISO and ASTM standards are mandated by companies such as Bombardier, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Safran, CAA and British Aerospace. As a UKAS 17025 and Nadcap (Materials Testing) testing facility, Keighley Laboratories can fully support these requirements, and can provide CAA signatories who are available for onsite aerospace weld component invigilation.

Keighley Labs can also offer valuable remedial advice should a weld fail, allowing our customers to modify and improve their procedures and welding techniques.


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