Visitors watching a Tensile Test demonstration.

Keighley Laboratories were proud to host a recent visit for delegates from Keighley’s Association of Engineers.

13 members of the Association arrived on site for in-depth tours of the company, getting to grips with how Keighley Labs’ Metallurgical Analysis, Testing and Heat Treatment services provide specialist services to not only local companies, but also nationwide.

Debbie Mellor, Managing Director said,

“As the Company has a historical relationship with the Association, it is fantastic to be able to demonstrate how we provide the highest quality service in our Metallurgical Analysis, Testing and Heat Treatment services across a wide range of industries.  I am a strong believer in promoting Engineering and Manufacturing, and to have a delegation of local engineers understand the breadth of what the Company does was a great opportunity.”

The visitors were shown numerous processes at Keighley Laboratories and also got the opportunity to speak to staff both on a managerial and shop floor level.

Sandy Maclure, a member of the Keighley Association of Engineers said,

“The staff at Keighley Laboratories were very enthusiastic and it was fantastic to see young faces in today’s engineering workplace.  Everyone was able to explain what they do and understood it to the best possible level.”

Mrs Mellor continued,

“It was an excellent opportunity for Keighley Laboratories to demonstrate its expertise across all aspects of the business, as well as providing local engineers with a chance to interact with our employees in an interesting and insightful way.”


Debbie Mellor, Managing Director, with members of the Keighley Association of Engineers.