Keighley Laboratories: 90 Years Of Technical Excellence

Keighley Laboratories has been offering metallurgical solutions to the engineering and allied industries since 1920 and we are currently engaged in a programme of capital investment that will enable us to deliver technical excellence well into the 21st century. With two specialist business areas, the company offers advanced analysis, testing and heat treatment of metals to meet the technological needs of markets such as aerospace, transportation, energy, defence, petrochemicals and all sectors of engineering. Through our sub-contract Heat Treatment service and associated gas fired pit furnace facility, we provide clients with access to in-depth expertise in carburising, case hardening, tempering, induction hardening, ferritic nitrocarburising, martempering and other key techniques, handling a wide range of component shapes, sizes and materials. Meantime, Keighley Laboratories’ complementary Technical Services department boasts a full array of metallurgical and laboratory provisions, including spectrographic and chemical analysis, metallographic sampling, NDT techniques, mechanical and physical testing, weld examination and problem & failure investigation, typically employing state-of-the-art instrumentation and methodologies. Nationally and internationally recognised quality assurance certifications indicate our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship, while our technical accreditations and membership of senior trade associations underline the customer-facing commercial outlook. The fact that all these overlapping metallurgical resources are concentrated on a single site and implemented by highly qualified personnel with many, many years’ combined experience is just one more reason to suggest that here at Keighley Laboratories we are still ahead of the field.